December 11, 2019 admin

Are you doing meaningful work?

I have a handful of areas in my life, that I’ve identified are important to me. For each one, I have two or three questions that I ask myself on a weekly basis – to get a feel for where I’m at.

My ones about ‘work’ haven’t changed for a few years. They’ve been critical to my career decisions:

1. Am I doing meaningful work, that I look forward to?

2. Am I doing work that I’m good at – which is also challenging, and I can grow from?

3. Am I working with people I like and can learn from?

I’m incredibly positive about all three questions right now. Bossa is a super exciting place to be, with many great people and challenges. I’m really grateful for that.

When I look back at when I was unhappy with my work, it was hard to feel positive about these questions. And when you feel like that – it should be a prompt to change your situation. Life is too short to not be doing meaningful work.

Feel free to steal my questions, or come up with your own. Ask them every now and again and see how you feel. And then let it serve as a trigger for gratitude, or perhaps change.

This is super useful to do for other important areas of your life too.

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